This is where you can find most things worth knowing about purchasing a tenant-owner property. If you are curious about how to go about buying a newly-built home, you can find most of the answers here.


Once you’ve found an area or apartment that you’re interested in, you need to submit an interest of notification. Submit an interest notification for the area or homes that you want to know more about. This way you don’t risk missing out on important information about local plans, viewings, sales start dates, floor plans, interior design choices and, of course, offers to purchase. The registration of interest is not binding, and you can cancel the registration at any time, meaning you won´t receive any more information about the project.


Our viewings give you the opportunity to take a closer look at visualisations and to meet our estate agents to chat about floor plans, interior furnishings, location and prices. The viewings are an excellent opportunity to get answers to questions and concerns that usually crop up along the way. The times and venues for the viewings are listed on the relevant project website. As a buyer, you will be invited – around three to four months before taking possession – to a sneak preview of your apartment. This gives you the chance to come in and take a look at your new home. Even if it’s not quite the finished article, you’ll get a good impression of the apartment, the surfaces, the building and what kind of furniture might be most suitable.


But first of all, of course, you need to decide which home you want to buy. If the home or homes that you’re interested in buying are available, you can reserve the apartment for a certain period before it’s time to sign a booking agreement. When you sign a booking agreement, you also pay a booking fee of SEK 20,000 – which guarantees that the apartment has been booked on your behalf. As a security measure for the future tenant-owner association, we perform a UC credit check on you in connection with your signing of the booking agreement. Once you have booked an apartment, an customer manager for the project is also introduced, who will be there for you to provide peace of mind until you take possession.


When construction starts, it’s time for the pre-agreement. You now have to pay SEK 80,000 in addition to the SEK 20,000 you paid when you booked the apartment. If the pre-agreement is the first agreement you sign, you will instead have to pay SEK 100,000. Bear in mind that you need a valid loan commitment from your bank when you sign the pre-agreement.


To enable you to add your own personal touch to your new home, we have produced project-specific interior design concepts to choose from. You have no doubt already given some thought and have a pretty good idea of how you want to furnish your apartment, and you will also be informed in good time about when you have to make interior design choices. Until then, you can read about the different interior design concepts on the website or in the project’s interior design brochure. Don’t hesitate to contact our interior design specialist if you have any questions. When you make your interior design choices, you also pay a deposit of 10% on your interior design choices. The balance is paid just before you take possession.


The tenure agreement is signed around two to four months before you take possession. If you have already signed a pre-agreement and paid SEK 100,000, there is nothing more to pay at this point. If you joined later in the process, and the lease agreement is the first agreement that you sign, you now pay SEK 100,000.


Finally, the date approaches when you can move into your new home that no one else has lived in before. No later than six months before your occupancy date we tell you in which month you will be moving in, so that you have plenty of time to start to serving notice on your electricity account, preparing insurance policies, registering the change of address, etc. The date on which you can move in is confirmed no later than three months before the occupancy date, and it is around this time that you will be invited to take a look at your home. Your apartment will always undergo a thorough final inspection by an independent inspector before occupancy. You will be invited to attend, and all remarks are rectified at no charge. Then all you have to do is start packing and count down the days.


Before your occupancy date, it’s time to pay the remaining amount of the purchase price – this is known as the final payment. When you are presented with your keys, you must be able to present a receipt for this final payment. It’s a good idea to keep to the lift time you have been given, so that all neighbours have the smoothest possible moving-in day.

Now, at last, it’s time for one final effort and then it’s all about ordering the moving-in pizzas and enjoying your new home.